What is Dutch oven?

About the product – it is a cylindrical, thick welled and a heavy cooking pot with a tightly fitting lid that can work as the workhouse in the kitchen, and is good for braising. They are usually made up of cast iron, needs to be seasoned before using, also excellent for making soups and stews, and can be used either on the stovetop, or in the oven. Dutch Oven Reviews is a nice place to start reading about Dutch ovens. It can also used for deep frying because it can withstand in the extremely high flame as well. The cast iron cookware has a reputation of being difficult to clean, for the overall maintenance and if not cared properly they can rust, so to solve these problems some of these products have enamel paint over it.

How to keep it well?
This product good for slow cooking, keeping the food dish hot for a long time, can be used as a cooking pot or for serving, and to it safe and secure; here are some remedies that can be used for enjoying long time usage of the product. A person can cook many dishes in the cast iron pots but have to season it well before cooking any dish and have to keep eyes on the flame to control it while cooking. The cast iron Dutch oven is a poor conductor of heat, so it takes a long period of time to get hot, but it retains that heat for a long time, and one should keep the flame not very high which can burn the food. Many of the best dutch ovens under $200 are available for as less as $100.

Sub-types of the product
• Bare cast iron pot – it is traditionally used by the Americans; they season their Dutch ovens like the other cast iron cookware. To cook any food dish in this cookware one should use mustard oil because it provides the highest temperature resistance, which would be conductive to cooking. After much use the surface of the product will become dark black, very smooth, non-stick and shiny, and will provide long service.
• Enameled ovens – it is an advancement to the traditional bare cast iron pots, it comes many colors and it do not need to be seasoned before use. It is usually not recommended to do deep frying in it, the coating is not able to withstand high heat, and is best suited for water-based dishes. Tramontina Dutch Oven is one of the example of this type.

Its use in cooking – it is well suited for long time, slow cooking, making roasts, stews, and casseroles, any dish that can be cooked in a conventional oven like in a cast iron pot. It is also used as true baking ovens; one can make biscuits, breads, cakes, pizzas and even pies, and one can also put them into stack and it can be placed as 5 or 6 pots at a time for cooking.

Some of the recipes suitable for cooking in this product –
• Chicken & Swiss chard past a bake
• Chicken in milk
• Vegetarian pumpkin chill
• Braised coconut spinach & chickpeas with lemon
• Lemon braised chicken & beans with mint pesto
• Barbeque shredded chicken
• Many more stews, desserts and deep fry dishes can be made in it.